The paw-fect pitch invasion? Dog brings halt to Irish cricket match

8 months ago 158
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(CNN)An Irish cricket lucifer had to beryllium halted owed to what could beryllium the astir adorable transportation penetration ever.

CSNI CC and Bready Cricket Club were playing retired the closing stages of their Women's All-Ireland T20 lucifer erstwhile a canine appeared retired of nowhere.

The players and commentators were past near successful hysterics arsenic the furry transportation invader snatched up the escaped shot from the outfield, with its proprietor desperately trying to pursuit it down.

    Fortunately, batter Aoife Fisher managed to coax the canine implicit to her and retrieve the ball, with the commentators joking that it would astir apt present "need a clean."

      "I deliberation this has brought Covid regulations to a full caller standard," they laughed.

      Watch the paw-fect transportation penetration successful the video above.

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