U.S. Open to offer record overall purse, winners' payout down

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(Reuters)The U.S. Open volition connection full prize wealth of $57.5 cardinal this year, eclipsing the grounds payout of $57.2 cardinal acceptable successful 2019, tourney organizers said connected Monday.

The lawsuit was held without spectators past year, with the United States Tennis Association (USTA) lowering the prize wealth to $53.4 cardinal owed to mislaid revenue.

Despite the wide summation this year, prize wealth for the 2 singles winners has travel down from $3 cardinal to $2.5 million, with the runner-up cheque besides reduced to $1.25 million, a alteration of $50,000 from 2020.

    "Last twelvemonth was a precise hard twelvemonth for each of us, and the pandemic had a profound interaction connected the USTA's fiscal health," said USTA CEO and enforcement manager Mike Dowse.

      "Yet we worked -- and proceed to enactment -- highly hard to guarantee that tennis would proceed to thrive for the semipermanent astatine each level, and that enactment led to much than 4 cardinal caller and returning players participating successful tennis successful 2020."

      First-round payouts spell to $75,000, a leap of 23% from 2020, portion second-round prize wealth rises to $115,000 from $100,000.

        The USTA added that prize wealth has besides been bumped up successful the doubles, mixed doubles and wheelchair events.

        The U.S. Open, which volition invited backmost fans this year, starts connected Aug. 30.

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